Book: Abu Dhabi, Louvre, LAD 2014.029 (A translation into French of the five Berosus books published by Annius da Viterbo in 1498 as part of his Antiquities. Made for Anne de Graville probably at the behest of her husband, Pierre de Balsac, c. 1508-1510 (datable by the miniature). Translation possibly by Robert Frescher (see L'Estrange, 2023))

Created 1508-1510



  • Chaldean Histories
  • Illuminator(s):

  • Master of the Chronique scandaleuse
  • Ownership Details

    Anne Malet de Graville, Ownership Confirmed (post-1508) by Patron Portrait.


    L'Estrange, Elizabeth, ‘“Un étrange moyen de séduction”: Anne de Graville’s Chaldean Histories and her Role in Literary Culture at the French Court in the Early Sixteenth Century’, Renaissance Studies, 30 (2016), 708-28