Book: Abu Dhabi, Louvre, LAD 2014.029 (Histoires chaldeennes)

Created 1508-1510


Format: Parchment, full page miniature of Anne de Graville


  • Histoires chaldeennes
  • Illuminator(s):

  • Master of the Chronique scandaleuse
  • Ownership Details

    Anne Malet de Graville, Ownership Confirmed (post-1508-c. 1543?) by Patron Portrait.


    L'Estrange, Elizabeth, ‘“Un étrange moyen de séduction”: Anne de Graville’s Chaldean Histories and her Role in Literary Culture at the French Court in the Early Sixteenth Century’, Renaissance Studies, 30 (2016), 708-28

    L'Estrange, Elizabeth. Anne de Graville and Women's Literary Networks in Early Modern France (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2023).: 57-75