Book: BL Burney MS 275 (Scholastic miscellany (Cicero, Boethius, Ptolemy, etc.))

Created 1309-1316



  • Institutiones Grammaticae
  • Illuminator(s):

  • Meliacin Master
  • Ownership Details

    Franciscus Caracciolo, Ownership Possible (1309?-1316) by Inscription. Ownership Possible (1309?-1316) by Coat of Arms.

    Robert of Anjou, king of Naples, Ownership Possible (1316-1343?) by Inscription.

    Pope Gregory XI, Ownership Confirmed (1343?-1378) by Inscription.

    Anti-Pope Clement VII, Ownership Confirmed (1378-1387) by Inscription.

    John Duke of Berry, Ownership Confirmed (1387-1402?) by Inscription.

    Louis Duke of Orléans, Ownership Confirmed (1402?-1407) by Inventory.

    John Duke of Berry, Ownership Confirmed (1408?-1416) by Inventory.

    Valentina Visconti, duchess of Orleans, Ownership Confirmed (1407-1408?) by Other.


    Shultz, Christopher R. "The Artistic and Literary Patronage of Louis of Orleans and His Wife, Valentine Visconti, 1389-1408," Ph.D. diss., Emory University, 1977.