Book: BL Royal MS 14 E III (Estoire des saint Graal; La Queste del saint Graal; La Morte le roi Artu)

Created 1315-1325

Ownership Details

Sir Richard Roos, Ownership Confirmed (?-1482)

Charles V of France, Ownership Confirmed (1380-1411)

No known Owner, Ownership Confirmed (1380-1411)

Charles VI of France, Ownership Confirmed (1411-1422)

John Duke of Bedford, Ownership possibly (1422)

Jane or Joan Grey, Ownership Confirmed (c. 1482-1491)

Elizabeth Woodville, queen consort of England, Ownership Confirmed (c. 1482-1492)

Cecily of York, viscountess of Welles, Ownership Confirmed (c. 1482-?)

Eleanor Haute, Ownership Confirmed (1482-?)

Elizabeth of York, queen consort of England, Ownership Confirmed (c. 1482-?)


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