Book: BnF fr. 316 (Miroir historial v. 1)

Created 1333



  • Miroir historial v. 1
  • Illuminator(s):

  • Master of the Roman de Fauvel
  • Richard de Verdun (aka Master of the Bible of Jean de Papeleu)
  • Ownership Details

    John Duke of Berry, Ownership Confirmed (?-1416?) by Inscription.

    Charlotte of Savoy, queen of France, Ownership Confirmed (14?? - December 1483) by Inventory.

    Bonne of Berry, Viscountess of Carlat, Ownership Confirmed (1416?-1435?) by Other.

    Jacques d'Armagnac, Ownership Confirmed (1462?-1476?) by Inscription.

    Charles VIII of France, Ownership Confirmed (December 1483?-1498?) by Inscription.


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