Book: Geneva fr. 190 (Des cas des nobles hommes et femmes)

Created c. 1410


Format: Parchment, illuminated


  • Des cas des nobles hommes et femmes
  • Illuminator(s):

  • Master of Lucon
  • Ownership Details

    Martin Gouges, bishop of Chartres, Ownership Confirmed (c. 1410-1 January 1411) by Inventory.

    John Duke of Berry, Ownership Confirmed (1 January 1411-June 1416) by Inventory.

    Bonne of Berry, viscountess of Carlat, Ownership Possible (June 1416-1435?) by Instance of borrowing, inventory.

    Bernard VIII d'Armagnac, Ownership Possible (1435?-1462?) by Inventory.

    Jacques d'Armagnac, Ownership Possible (1462?-c. 1476) by Inventory.

    Anne of France, duchess of Bourbon, Ownership Possible (c. 1476?-1522) by Instance of borrowing, inventory.

    Peter II of Bourbon, Ownership Confirmed (c. 1476-1503) by Inventory.


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