Book: Turin, Archives of State MS j.b.II.6 (Missal)

Created c. 1443


Format: Parchment, hitoriated initials


  • Missel
  • Illuminator(s):

  • Peronet Lamy
  • Ownership Details

    Amadeus VIII of Savoy, Ownership Confirmed (c. 1443?) by Coat of Arms.

    Anne of Cyprus, Duchess of Savoy, Ownership Possible (c. 1443?-1462?) by Other.

    Louis I of Savoy, Ownership Possible (c. 1443?-1465?) by Other.


    Edmunds, Sheila. "The Medieval Library of Savoy (III): The Documents (the end)," Scriptorium 26, no. 2 (1972): 269-93.: 283