Book Owner: Charles I of Bourbon

b. 1401- d. 1456

Title: Duke of Bourbon, Count of Clermont and Forez, Lord of Beaujeu

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: pot of Greek fire

Family Tree

Same generation

  • Agnes of Burgundy, duchess of Bourbon, Spouse
  • Parents/Up one generation

  • Marie of Berry, duchess of Bourbon, Mother
  • John I of Bourbon, Father
  • Children/Down one generation

  • John II of Bourbon, Son
  • Peter II of Bourbon, Son
  • Joan of Bourbon, princess of Orange, Daughter
  • Joan of Valois, duchess of Bourbon, Daughter-in-law
  • Charles II Cardinal of Bourbon, Son
  • Charles I of Bourbon's Locations


    No known locations

    Charles I of Bourbon's Library

    Book Count: 16

    BnF fr. 1082: Du Ciel et du monde. Possible ownership 1434?-1456 by Inscription.

    BnF fr. 1229: Livre de chevalerie. Possible ownership 1434?-December 1456? by Inscription.

    BnF fr. 159: Bible historiale. Possible ownership 1434-1456 by Inscription.

    BnF fr. 176: Rational des divins offices. Possible ownership 1434-1456? by Inscription.

    BnF fr. 2641: Chroniques de Burgos. Possible ownership 1434?-1456? by Inscription.

    BnF fr. 373: Métamorphoses. Possible ownership 1434?-1456? by Inscription.