Book Owner: Isabel of Bavaria, queen of France

BL Harley MS 4431, folio 3r

b. 1370- d. 1435

Title: Queen of France

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Family Tree

Same generation

  • Charles VI of France, Spouse
  • Valentina Visconti, duchess of Orleans, Sister-in-law
  • Louis Duke of Orléans, Brother-in-law
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Michelle of Valois, duchess of Burgundy, Daughter
  • Marie Margaret of Valois, countess of Taillebourg, Other
  • Isabel of Bavaria's Locations


    Senlis (June 1422-September 1422)

    Melun (November 1420)

    Bavaria (1370-1386)

    Troyes (October 1419-February 1420)

    Paris (14 July 1418)

    Paris (2 December 1420)

    Paris (January 1424-December 1424)

    Isabel of Bavaria's Library

    Book Count: 29


    BL Harley MS 4431: Compendium of Christine de Pizan texts. Confirmed ownership 1414-1425 by Patron Portrait.

    BnF fr. 2201: Cent ballades d'Othe de Granson. Confirmed ownership 15 January 1400-1435? by Archival Mention.

    BnF lat. 1403: Livre d'heures. Possible ownership 1400?-1435? by Other.

    Chantilly MS 492: Recueil Christine de Pizan. Confirmed ownership 1399/1403-1435? by Other.

    Chantilly MS 493: Chemin de long estude; Mutacion de Fortune; Epistre a la reine. Confirmed ownership 1403/1405-1435? by Other.

    NE 115: Les bonnes heures. Confirmed ownership pre-1398-1435? by Archival Mention.