Book Owner: John Duke of Berry

Title: Unknown

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Family Tree

No known relatives

John Duke of Berry's Locations


No known locations

John Duke of Berry's Library

Book Count: 51

Arsenal fr. 5193: Des Cas des nobles hommes et femmes. Confirmed ownership 1409-? by Inscription.

BL Add. MS 6416: Miroir historial v. 3. Confirmed ownership 1409?-1413 by Inventory.

BL Royal MS 19 E VI: Chroniques de Burgos. Confirmed ownership 29 October 1407-June 1416 by Inscription.

BnF fr. 1082: Du Ciel et du monde. Confirmed ownership ?-June 1416 by Inscription.

BnF fr. 1210: Livre de l'information des princes. Confirmed ownership 1409-June 1416 by Inscription.

BnF fr. 1229: Livre de chevalerie. Confirmed ownership 1402-June 1416 by Inscription.