Book Owner: Anne of Burgundy, duchess of Bedford

BL, MS Add. 18850, f. 257v

b. 1404- d. 1432

Title: Duchess of Bedford

Motto: jen suis contente

Symbol: fruitful branch

Family Tree

Parents/Up one generation

  • Margaret of Bavaria, duchess of Burgundy, Mother
  • John the Fearless, Father
  • Catherine of Burgundy, duchess of Austria, Aunt
  • Same generation

  • Philip the Good, Brother
  • Agnes of Burgundy, duchess of Bourbon, Sister
  • John Duke of Bedford, Spouse
  • Margaret of Burgundy, duchess of Guyenne, Sister
  • Marie of Burgundy, duchess of Cleves, Sister
  • Catherine of Burgundy (d. 1414), Sister
  • Joan of Burgundy (d. 1412), Sister
  • Isabelle of Burgundy, countess of Penthièvre, Sister
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Catherine of Cleves, duchess of Guelders, Niece
  • Anne of Burgundy, lady of Ravenstein, Niece
  • Anne of Burgundy's Locations


    Troyes (April 1423-May 1423)

    Paris (1432)

    Paris (September 1424)

    Paris (April 1427-May 1427)

    Paris (22 May 1428)

    Paris (21 June 1428)

    Paris (11 August 1423)

    Anne of Burgundy's Library

    Book Count: 7


    Bedford Benedictine (no longer extant): Benedictine. Confirmed ownership c. 1425-1432 by Coat of Arms.

    Bib. Mazarine MS 870: Somme le Roi; Miroir de l'ame. Possible ownership 1424-1432 by Instance of borrowing, other.

    BL Add. MS 18850: The Bedford Hours. Confirmed ownership 1423-24 December 1430 by Inscription.

    BnF fr. 24246: Livre des amphorismes Ypocras. Possible ownership 1 February 1430 - 1432? by Other.

    BnF lat. 17294: Breviaire de Salisbury. Possible ownership 1430?-1432? by Other.

    NE 425: Livre d'heures. Confirmed ownership April 1423-1432? by Archival Mention.