Book Owner: Anne of Burgundy, lady of Ravenstein

Owner Bio

b. c. 1435- d. 1508

Title: Lady of Ravenstein

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Family Tree

Parents/Up one generation

  • Philip the Good, Father
  • Agnes of Burgundy, duchess of Bourbon, Aunt
  • Anne of Burgundy, duchess of Bedford, Aunt
  • Marie of Burgundy, duchess of Cleves, Aunt
  • Margaret of Burgundy, duchess of Guyenne, Aunt
  • Same generation

  • Adolph of Cleves, lord of Ravenstein, Spouse
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Isabella of Portugal, duchess of Burgundy, Other
  • Marie of Burgundy, duchess of Burgundy, Niece
  • Margaret of Austria, duchess of Savoy, Other
  • Anne of Burgundy's Locations


    No known locations

    Anne of Burgundy's Library

    Book Count: 2


    KBR MS 10485: Temple de Boccace. Confirmed ownership c. 1485-1508? by Coat of Arms. Confirmed ownership c. 1485-1508? by Patron.

    KBR MS 9281: Champion des dames. Confirmed ownership 1492-c. 1495 by Other.