Book Owner: Anne of Cyprus, Duchess of Savoy

Owner Bio

b. 1418- d. 1462

Title: Duchess of Savoy

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Family Tree

Same generation

  • Margaret of Savoy, duchess of Anjou, Sister-in-law
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Charlotte of Savoy, queen of France, Daughter
  • Yolande of Valois, duchess of Savoy, Daughter-in-law
  • Grandchildren/Down two generations

  • Marie of Luxembourg, countess of Vendôme, Granddaughter
  • Anne of Cyprus's Locations


    Geneva (11 November 1462)

    Nicosia (24 September 1418)

    Châlons-sur-Saône (February 1442)

    Anne of Cyprus's Library

    Book Count: 9


    BnF lat. 9473: Heures de Louis de Savoie. Possible ownership c. 1445-1462? by Other.

    KBR MS 10175: Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César. Possible ownership c. 1434-1462? by Other.

    NE 1028: Heures. Confirmed ownership pre-1444-1462? by Archival Mention.

    NE 1029: Lucan. Possible ownership 14??-1462? by Coat of Arms. Possible ownership 14??-1462? by Other.

    NE 1030: Philippe de Madien. Possible ownership c. 1448-1462? by Dedication.

    NE 527: Heures. Confirmed ownership January 1434-11 November 1462? by Archival Mention.