Book Owner: Elisabeth of Lorraine, duchess of Nassau-Saarbrücken

Owner Bio

b. 1393?- d. 1456

Title: Duchess of Nassau-Saarbrucken

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Family Tree

Parents/Up one generation

  • Margaret of Joinville, countess of Vaudémont, Mother
  • Elisabeth of Lorraine's Locations


    No known locations

    Elisabeth of Lorraine's Library

    Book Count: 5


    NE 1283: Lohier et Malart. Possible ownership 1418?-1454? by Other.

    NE 1284: Loher und Maller. Confirmed ownership 1437-1454? by Patron.

    NE 1285: Herzog Herpin. Confirmed ownership c. 1430-1456? by Patron.

    NE 1286: Königin Sibille. Confirmed ownership post-1430-1456? by Patron.

    NE 1287: Huge Scheppel. Confirmed ownership post-1437-1456? by Patron.