Book Owner: Françoise de Dinan, lady of Châteaubriant

Owner Bio

b. 1436- d. 1499

Title: Lady of Châteaubriant

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown


Rennes, BM MS 34, f. 55

Family Tree

Parents/Up one generation

  • Catherine de Rohan, viscountess of Tartas, Mother
  • Margaret of Rohan, countess of Angouleme, Aunt
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Anne of Brittany, queen of France, Other
  • Françoise de Dinan's Locations


    Châteaubriant (3 January 1499)

    Trémuson (20 November 1436)

    Françoise de Dinan's Library

    Book Count: 1


    Rennes, BM MS 34: Heures de Catherine de Rohan et de Françoise de Dinan. Confirmed ownership post-1471?-1499? by Patron Portrait. Confirmed ownership post-1471?-1499? by Coat of Arms.