Book Owner: Guyonne de Beauvau, lady of Précigné

Owner Bio

b. post-1456- d. 1516

Title: Unknown

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Family Tree

Parents/Up one generation

  • Bertrand de Beauvau, Father
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Joan of Laval, duchess of Anjou, Other
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    No known locations

    Guyonne de Beauvau's Library

    Book Count: 1


    Unnamed Private Collection, Aldenham Library Catalogue, lot 123 - Pelerinage: Pèlerinage de vie humaine en prose; Pèlerinage de l'âme en prose. Possible ownership 1474?-1516? by Coat of Arms. Possible ownership 1474?-1516? by Other.