Book Owner: Helen of Laval, baroness of Derval

BnF fr. 8266, f. 393v

Owner Bio

b. 1439- d. 1500

Title: Baroness of Derval, Lady of Châteaugiron

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown


BnF fr. 8266, f. 393v

Family Tree

Grandparents/Up Two Generations

  • Joan of Valois, duchess of Brittany, Grandmother
  • Parents/Up one generation

  • Guy XIV of Laval, Father
  • Isabelle of Brittany, countess consort of Laval, Mother
  • Same generation

  • Joan of Laval, duchess of Anjou, Sister
  • Louise de Laval, countess of Penthièvre, Sister
  • Peter of Laval, archbishop of Reims, Brother
  • Helen of Laval's Locations


    Ploërmel (17 June 1439)

    Helen of Laval's Library

    Book Count: 3


    BnF fr. 1187: Epistre Othéa; Livre de vieillesse. Confirmed ownership post-1450-1500? by Other.

    BnF fr. 8266: Chroniques et histoires des Bretons. Possible ownership c. 1480-1500? by Patron Portrait. Possible ownership c. 1480-1500? by Coat of Arms. Possible ownership c. 1480-1500? by Dedication.

    Rouen, BM MS 1234 (O .010): Recueil Georges Chastelain; chroniques. Confirmed ownership pre-1482-1500? by Other.