Book Owner: Isabella Stuart, duchess of Brittany

BnF lat. 1369, f. 56

Owner Bio

b. 1426- d. 1494

Title: Duchess of Brittany

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown


BnF lat. 1369, f. 135


BnF lat. 1369, f. 299

Family Tree

Parents/Up one generation

  • Joan Beaufort, queen of Scotland, Mother
  • Same generation

  • Francis I of Brittany, Spouse
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Margaret of Brittany, duchess of Brittany, Daughter
  • Isabella Stuart's Locations


    Nantes (30 March 1459)

    Vannes (13 October 1494)

    Isabella Stuart's Library

    Book Count: 4


    BnF lat. 1369: Livre d'heures. Confirmed ownership post-1442-1494? by Patron Portrait. Confirmed ownership post-1442-1494? by Inscription. Confirmed ownership post-1442-1494? by Coat of Arms.

    Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum MS 62: Hours of Isabella Stuart. Confirmed ownership 1442?-1494? by Coat of Arms.

    NE 612: Unes grandes heures [...] a l'usaige de Paris. Confirmed ownership 14??-1455? by Inventory. Confirmed ownership 14??-1455? by Coat of Arms.

    NE 991: Plainte pour Marguerite d'Ecosse. Possible ownership August 1445-1494? by Other.