Book Owner: Jacquetta of Luxembourg, duchess of Bedford

Post-Medieval Illustration, Historic UK

b. 1415/16- d. 1472

Title: Duchess of Bedford, Countess Rivers

Motto: sur tous autres

Symbol: Unknown

Family Tree

Same generation

  • Richard Woodville, Spouse
  • John Duke of Bedford, Spouse
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Elizabeth Woodville, queen consort of England, Daughter
  • Edward IV of England, Son-in-law
  • Anthony Woodville, Son
  • Grandchildren/Down two generations

  • Cecily of York, viscountess of Welles, Granddaughter
  • Elizabeth of York, queen consort of England, Granddaughter
  • Bridget of York, Granddaughter
  • Jacquetta of Luxembourg's Locations


    Enghien (1416-1433)

    London (1433)

    London (1461)

    London (1464-1470)

    Paris (1434-1435)

    Paris (1444-1445)

    Jacquetta of Luxembourg's Library

    Book Count: 5


    BL Add. MS 42131: Bedford Psalter and Hours. Possible ownership 1433/1435-? by Other.

    BL Cotton MS Otho D II: Six texts on the Orient by Jean le Long d'Ypres; Mélusine. Confirmed ownership 1433/1435-1472 by Inscription.

    BL Harley MS 4431: Compendium of Christine de Pizan texts. Confirmed ownership 1433/1435-1472 by Inscription.

    BnF lat. 17294: Breviaire de Salisbury. Possible ownership 1433/1435-1472? by Other.

    Cambridge Pembroke College MS 307: Confessio Amantis. Confirmed ownership 1433/1435-1472 by Inscription.