Book Owner: Joan of Valois, duchess of Bourbon

Diptych attributed to Hans Memling. Chantilly, Musée Condé, no PE 107

b. 1438- d. 1482

Title: Duchess of Bourbon, Countess of Clermont and Forez, Lady of Beaujeu

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: jeannette


BnF fr. 1866, f. 63

Family Tree

Parents/Up one generation

  • Agnes of Burgundy, duchess of Bourbon, Mother-in-law
  • Charles I of Bourbon, Father-in-law
  • Marie of Anjou, queen of France, Mother
  • Charles VII of France, Father
  • Same generation

  • John II of Bourbon, Spouse
  • Joan of Bourbon, princess of Orange, Sister-in-law
  • Yolande of Valois, duchess of Savoy, Sister
  • Joan of Valois's Locations


    Amboise (7 February 1470)

    Moulins (December 1452)

    Moulins (2 May 1482)

    Paris (September 1467)

    Joan of Valois's Library

    Book Count: 18


    BnF fr. 1165: Jeu d'echecs moralisés; Mélibée et Prudence; Patience de Griseldis; Disticha Catonis. Confirmed ownership 1461?-1482 by Inscription.

    BnF fr. 1847: Traité de mendicité spirituelle. Confirmed ownership c. 1480-1482 by Coat of Arms.

    BnF fr. 1866: La Gesine Nostre Dame. Confirmed ownership post-1456-1482 by Inscription.

    BnF fr. 227: Des Cas des nobles hommes et femmes by Boccaccio. Confirmed ownership 1468-1482 by Inscription. Confirmed ownership 1468-1482 by Coat of Arms.

    BnF fr. 2611: Grandes chroniques de France (vol. 1). Confirmed ownership post-1458-1482 by Inscription.

    BnF fr. 2612: Les grandes Chroniques de France (vol. 2). Confirmed ownership post-1458-1482 by Inscription.