Book Owner: Joan of Valois, duchess of Brittany

Owner Bio

b. 1391- d. 1433

Title: Duchess of Brittany

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Family Tree

Parents/Up one generation

  • Isabel of Bavaria, queen of France, Mother
  • Charles VI of France, Father
  • Same generation

  • Isabelle of Valois, queen consort of England, Sister
  • Michelle of Valois, duchess of Burgundy, Sister
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Guy XIV of Laval, Son-in-law
  • Grandchildren/Down two generations

  • Joan of Laval, duchess of Anjou, Granddaughter
  • Louise de Laval, Countess of Penthièvre, Granddaughter
  • Peter of Laval, archbishop of Reims, Grandson
  • Joan of Valois's Locations


    Paris (19 September 1396)

    Joan of Valois's Library

    Book Count: 1


    Lamoignon Hours (Gulbenkian Museum Inv. LA237): Lamoignon Hours. Possible ownership c. 1415-1433? by Coat of Arms.