Book Owner: Margaret of Anjou, queen of England

Talbot Shrewsbury Book (BL Royal MS 15 E VI), folio 2v

b. 1430- d. 1482

Title: Queen of England

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Family Tree

Parents/Up one generation

  • René d'Anjou, Father
  • Isabella, duchess of Lorraine, Mother
  • Same generation

  • Henry VI of England, Spouse
  • Marie of Bourbon, duchess of Calabria, Sister-in-law
  • John II of Lorraine, Brother
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Joan of Laval, duchess of Anjou, Other
  • Alice Chaucer, duchess of Suffolk, Other
  • Margaret of Anjou's Locations


    Angers (1430-1442)

    Coventry (1446-1451)

    London (1445)

    Paris (1444-1445)

    Margaret of Anjou's Library

    Book Count: 11


    BL Add. MS 40851: Ordinary of Arms. Confirmed ownership 1450?-1482 by Coat of Arms.

    BL Harley MS 937: Calendar. Possible ownership 1445?-1482 by Other.

    BL Royal MS 15 E VI: Romance compendium. Confirmed ownership 1445-? by Inscription.

    Bodleian MS Digby 36: Vita Sancti Gilberti Confessoris. Confirmed ownership c.1450-1482 by Coat of Arms.

    Bodleian MS Hatton 73: Virtues of the Mass; Life of Our Lady. Possible ownership c. 1450-1482 by Other.

    Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum MS 38-1950: Psalter. Possible ownership 1445-1482 by Coat of Arms.