Book Owner: Margaret of Austria, duchess of Savoy

b. 10 January 1480- d. 1 December 1530

Title: Duchess of Savoy

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Family Tree

Parents/Up one generation

  • Marie of Burgundy, duchess of Burgundy, Mother
  • Isabella I of Castile, Mother-in-law
  • Same generation

  • Joanna of Castile, queen of Castile and Aragon, Sister-in-law
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Margaret of York, duchess of Burgundy, Other
  • Margaret of Lannoy, lady of Veyré, Other
  • Margaret of Austria's Locations


    Malines (1 December 1530)

    Brussels (10 January 1480)

    Brussels (1501)

    Margaret of Austria's Library

    Book Count: 8


    BnF fr. 12462: Pèlerinage de Vie humaine. Confirmed ownership 1504?-1530 by Other (original).

    BnF fr. 6440: Histoire d'Alexandre (trans. Lucena). Confirmed ownership 1501?-1530? by Inventory.

    BnF fr. 6446: Livre de Josephus. Possible ownership 1506?-1530? by Inventory.

    BnF fr. 9561: Bible moralisée. Confirmed ownership 15??-1530? by Inventory.

    KBR INC B840: La histoiria de la linda Melosina. Confirmed ownership 1497?-1530 by Inventory.

    KBR MS 10204: Somme le roi/Miroir du monde. Confirmed ownership 1483-1530 by Inventory.