Book Owner: Marie of Cleves, duchess of Orleans

b. 1426- d. 1487

Title: Duchess of Orleans

Motto: Rien ne m'est plus

Symbol: Tears, pansies


BnF fr. 25528, f. 1


BnF fr. 966, f. 107v

Family Tree

Grandparents/Up Two Generations

  • Margaret of Bavaria, duchess of Burgundy, Grandmother
  • Parents/Up one generation

  • Adolph I of Cleves, Father
  • Marie of Burgundy, duchess of Cleves, Mother
  • Valentina Visconti, duchess of Orleans, Mother-in-law
  • Margaret of Burgundy, duchess of Guyenne, Aunt
  • Philip the Good, Uncle
  • Isabella of Portugal, duchess of Burgundy, Aunt
  • Anne of Burgundy, duchess of Bedford, Aunt
  • Agnes of Burgundy, duchess of Bourbon, Aunt
  • Same generation

  • Charles d'Orleans, Spouse
  • Margaret of Orleans, countess of Vertus, Sister-in-law
  • Margaret of Rohan, countess of Angouleme, Sister-in-law
  • Catherine of Cleves, duchess of Guelders, Sister
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Louis XII of France, Son
  • Marie of Cleves's Locations


    Tournai (24 December 1440)

    Le Quesnoy (31 December 1440-2 January 1441)

    Saint-Omer (26 November 1440)

    Paris (14 January 1441-19 January 1441)

    Marie of Cleves's Library

    Book Count: 44


    BL Egerton MS 859 and Berlin, Staatliche Museen, Kupferstichkabinett, inv. 8517: Prayers to the Saints (in German). Possible ownership 14??-1487? by Patron Portrait. Possible ownership 14??-1487? by Other.

    BnF fr. 1038: Religious compendium. Confirmed ownership 1465?-1487 by Inventory.

    BnF fr. 1039: Somme le Roi; Vie de saint Denis. Confirmed ownership 1465?-1487 by Inventory. Confirmed ownership 1465?-1487 by Other.

    BnF fr. 1430: Lancelot du lac. Confirmed ownership 1465?-1487 by Inventory.

    BnF fr. 1439: Cleriadus et Meliadice. Confirmed ownership 1435?-1487 by Inventory. Confirmed ownership 1435?-1487 by Archival Mention.

    BnF fr. 157: Bible historiale complétée (vol. 2). Possible ownership 1465-1487 by Inventory.