Book Owner: Marie of France, duchess of Bar

Owner Bio

b. 1344- d. 1404

Title: Duchess of Bar

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Family Tree

Same generation

  • John Duke of Berry, Brother
  • Charles V of France, Brother
  • Louis I of Anjou, Brother
  • Philip the Bold, Brother
  • Isabelle of France, duchess of Milan, Sister
  • Margaret of Flanders, duchess of Burgundy, Sister-in-law
  • Joan of Bourbon, queen of France, Sister-in-law
  • Marie of Blois, duchess of Anjou, Sister-in-law
  • Robert, count of Bar, Spouse
  • Children/Down one generation

  • Marie of Berry, duchess of Bourbon, Niece
  • Yolande (Violant) de Bar, queen of Aragon, Daughter
  • Marie of France's Locations


    Saint-Germain-en-Laye (18 September 1344)

    Marie of France's Library

    Book Count: 6


    BnF fr. 12565: Roman d'Alexandre; Voeux du Paon; Restor du Paon; Parfait du Paon. Possible ownership 13??-pre-1404 by Other.

    NE 1041: Passion; Vies des saints en prose. Confirmed ownership 26 February 1393-1404? by Inventory.

    NE 1042: Miracles Nostre Dame. Confirmed ownership 26 February 1393-1404? by Inventory.

    NE 1043: Guiron le Courtois et Branor. Confirmed ownership c. 1373-1404? by Inventory. Confirmed ownership c. 1373-1404? by Instance of borrowing.

    NE 1350: Oroisons. Possible ownership post-1373-1404? by Inventory.

    NE 17: Mélusine, ou La noble histoire de Lusignan. Possible ownership c. 1392-1404? by Dedication.