Book Owner: Marie of Luxembourg, countess of Vendôme

Owner Bio

b. 1472- d. 1547

Title: Countess of Vendôme

Motto: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown


Arsenal fr. 3693, f. 211v

Family Tree

Grandparents/Up Two Generations

  • Anne of Cyprus, Duchess of Savoy, Grandmother
  • Parents/Up one generation

  • Charlotte of Savoy, queen of France, Aunt
  • Same generation

  • Anne of France, duchess of Bourbon, Cousin
  • Marie of Luxembourg's Locations


    La Fère (1 April 1547)

    Marie of Luxembourg's Library

    Book Count: 1


    Arsenal fr. 3693: La première Décade de Titus Livius. Confirmed ownership 14??-15?? by Inscription.