Text: Chapelet des vertus aka Fleurs de toutes les vertus aka Roman de prudence

Circlet of Virtues aka Flower of All the Virtues aka Story of Prudence


Found in:

Created in 1323-1399


Author: Anonymous

Translator Unknown


  • Devotional
  • Morality
  • Prose
  • Religious
  • Translation

Ownership Details

Chantilly MS 136 owned by Catherine of Coëtivy, lady of Magné (post-1485-1529). Ownership Confirmed with Coat of Arms as evidence.

KBR MS 10972 owned by Margaret of Austria, duchess of Savoy (post-1480-1 December 1530). Ownership Confirmed with Inventory as evidence.

KBR MS 10972 owned by Mary of Hungary, queen consort of Hungary and Bohemia (December 1530-18 October 1558). Ownership Confirmed with Other as evidence.