Text: Mirouer de la vie de homme et de femme

Mirror of Life of Man and Woman


Found in:

  • BnF fr. 17100
  • NE 453
  • Chantilly MS 149

  • Created in pre-1454


    Author: Anonymous

    Translator: None


  • Devotional
  • Female dedicatee
  • Mirror of Princes
  • Pedagogical
  • Prose
  • Ownership Details

    BnF fr. 17100 owned by Marie of Brittany, abbess of Frontevraud (c. 1470-1477). Ownership Confirmed with Inventory as evidence.

    NE 453 owned by Joan of Laval, duchess of Anjou (14??-1498?). Ownership Possible with Patron as evidence.

    Chantilly MS 149 owned by Joan of Orléans, countess of Taillebourg (15??-1520?). Ownership Confirmed with Other (original) as evidence.