Text: Oroison de St Augustin a Nostre Dame: O trois pareilles et perdurables personnes

Prayer of St. Augustine to Our Lady


Found in:

  • BnF fr. 916

  • French

    Author: St. Augustine

    Translator: Anonymous


  • Devotional
  • Prayer
  • Prose
  • Religious
  • Translation
  • Ownership Details

    BnF fr. 916 owned by Charlotte of Savoy, queen of France (14?? - December 1483). Ownership Possible with Inventory as evidence.

    BnF fr. 916 owned by Jacques d'Armagnac (20 April 1474-1476). Ownership Confirmed with as evidence.

    BnF fr. 916 owned by Peter II of Bourbon (1476?-1502). Ownership Possible with as evidence.